Brave girl fulfills her Barbie dmagic band pricereams in Shanghai

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Xinyi enjoys her time with Barbie dolls, changing their clothes, combing their hair, and making afternoon tea for her new friends. [Photo provided to]

A six-year-old girl fighting a high-risk cancer has fulfilled her dream of hosting a party with Barbie dolls in Shanghai.

The girl, identified by her given name Xinyi, is undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that forms in certain types of nerve tissue.

On Jan 29, she got to spend a day in her room at Shanghai Xinhua Hospital with the ward decorated all to the theme of Barbie.

Supported by volunteers from nonprofit charity organization Make-A-Wish Shanghai and US multinational toy manufacturing company Mattel, the girl played house and had fun with her favorite dolls.

"Wishes are very powerful," said Han Chenlin, a volunteer from Make-A-Wish Shanghai. "We hope to encourage Xinyi to fight her disease by realizing her wishes."

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